Influence Magnifies

The right friends
can make
all the difference

For nearly every industry or topic of interest, a small number of influencers shapes the majority of discussion.

Being friends with those who influence opinion can provide rich industry insight & foresight, as well as opportunity to share your perspective.

We'll help you understand your key influencers' interests and perspectives so you can determine where you have opportunity to build authentic friendships.

Intent Matters

First impressions really DO matter

The most impactful influencer engagement begins with a relationship, not a "pitch" or a contract. Relationships thrive when there's a strong intent for mutual growth. 

We help clients develop lasting and substantive relationships with their most important influencers.

Advocacy Drives Cross-Functional Impact

You really CAN make (almost)
everyone happy!

Your influencer platform should provide value across all marketing platforms, and all marketing platforms can provide assets or opportunities to strengthen your influencer relationships.

We acclimate your cross-functional team to fueling the influencer platform by helping identify news, assets and engagement opportunities already embedded in functional marketing plans. We encourage collaboration by illustrating how influencer engagement drives cross-functional ROI and contributes to meeting functional objectives by delivering customer insight, rich content, authentic third-party endorsement, creative opportunity and baseline growth.

Connection Feeds Evolution

Success is NOT
the finish line!

Once relationships with key influencers are established, invest where most organizations get stuck.

Evolve by weaving new partnerships within your network, connecting complementary expertise through co-creation, to better serve your audiences and drive innovation within your industry.

Going beyond the usual success stories allows you to mine new avenues of expansion, together with your influencers. We can help you identify strategies and opportunities to unlock exponential growth while strengthening influencer relationships and networks.