About Sphere 421, Inc

Whether working with influencers as spokespeople, cause partners, media representatives, insights consultants or social media experts, many influencer programs successfully generate one-time awareness by injecting brand news into influencers' spheres of influence.   Sphere 421 was built to go deeper.

We guide clients in developing lasting, impactful relationships with their most important influencers by first understanding each as a holistic individual with unique goals, and then mining for opportunities to help each influencer grow. In focusing not on "what can we get them to do for us" but rather "what can we do for them," our clients affect positive change in industry dynamics, initiating growth and connection for their most important influencers. 

Business opportunity grows organically as clients cultivate a community of informed, connected influencers and customers. In turn, that burgeoning community yields insights, efficiencies and new connections to aid broader marketing efforts. 


For each client, the leadership team at Sphere 421 draws together a panel of Sphere 421 staff and independent consultants who — together — represent the expertise and executional excellence to best serve your unique needs.


Shelly Dvorak, Founder & President

After two decades serving many of America's best-loved brands and companies, Shelly still is awed by the essential nature of intent to the success of a marketing communications program. She built Sphere 421 to address the need for purpose-driven leadership in the field of influencer engagement and partnership, after consistently seeing stronger impact when positive intent and mutual growth are a foundation for influencer interaction. 

Thanks to rich expertise across integrated marketing, strategic partnerships, cause marketing, public relations, entertainment and licensing, she excels in extending the benefits of influencer relationships across all channels of an organization's cross-functional marketing plans. Before starting Sphere 421, Shelly was instrumental in defining the strategy and executional parameters to build a division-wide corporate influencer platform, and she worked closely with her cross-functional team to leverage a broad range of brand & company assets to fuel influencer growth. The program continues to grow, encouraged by the partnership benefits seen across functions. 

Shelly is enthusiastic to be applying her influencer engagement strategy to other large and small organizations looking for a more holistic approach to influencer marketing & relationships. She has successfully leveraged this approach to establish relationships with a wide variety of influencer audiences, including celebrities, chefs, health & nutrition experts, athletes, adventurers & motor sports enthusiasts, bloggers, parenting & lifestyle experts, musicians and authors. With leadership experience at both a Fortune 500 corporation and a global public relations agency, Shelly understands client needs and pressures, and she knows how to harness the broad array of tools and expertise necessary to deliver best-in-class results. 

Darin Dvorak, Director of Operations & Events

Darin Dvorak is a skilled negotiator and strategist with more than 20 years of experience overseeing conference and event planning for large and small associations. Before joining Sphere 421, Darin served as Director of Conferences and Exhibits for the Health Care Compliance Association, as well as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. 

With skills in marketing, contract negotiations, event strategy and communications, Darin is a strong partner and advocate for clients. A natural innovator, Darin enjoys strategizing with partners about boosting conference attendance and developing new partner offerings to engage the right sponsors and exhibitors. He understands the challenges faced by industry vendors and service providers, which helps him collaborate more effectively with them in identifying new options and finding solutions. Darin is adept at managing a myriad of planning and onsite details, and quickly adapting to seamlessly manage unexpected situations.

Darin is a member and volunteer for Associations North, as well as the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), and he serves as a Global Accounts Manager for HelmsBriscoe. 

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